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  • Brake Hose
    $147.00 Brake Hose
  • Landing Gear Locking Ring
    $156.21 Landing Gear Locking Ring
  • Cowl Hook
    $43.65 Cowl Hook
    Cowl hook for the WACO YMF-5.
  • Cowl Arm
    $171.00 Cowl Arm
    Cowl arm for the  WACO YMF-5.
  • Rudder Cable Eyebolt and Bushing
    $45.80 Rudder Cable Eyebolt and Bushing
    Attach eyebolt for the rudder cable, including the bushing.
  • Air Box for Jacobs Radial Engine
    $4,500.00 Air Box for Jacobs Radial Engine
    Painted, with diverter valve installed.  Includes gasket.  
  • Aileron Strut Adjusting Screw
    $78.00 Aileron Strut Adjusting Screw
    Bushing for this product is part # 11688, also available online.
  • Spinner Adapter
    $96.00 Spinner Adapter
    Adapts Jacobs hub spinner to fit MT/AN hub.
  • Fuel Gauge Assembly
    $384.00 Fuel Gauge Assembly
    WACO Fuel Gauge, fully assembled and ready to install.  CNC Machined.  
  • MT Propeller Package
    $8,500.00 MT Propeller Package
    Waco Classic announces the availability of a new MT Propeller for all 275 & 300 HP Waco YMF5 Aircraft New Elliptical tipped, modern computer designed wood propeller, rated for up to 300 hp. Performance improvements in...
  • Boot, Rear Cockpit Stick
    $229.00 Boot, Rear Cockpit Stick
    The new "Doghouse Boot" fits over the control rod tunnel directly under the pilot seat. The boot helps minimize airflow from the tail foward into the cockpit, and improves cabin temperatures - great for flying in cooler...
  • Wing Tip Protector
    $549.95 Wing Tip Protector
    Our fitted and padded wing tip protectors help protect from costly wing tip damage. Come standard in red vinyl for ease of use.
  • Pitot Tube Cover
    $150.00 Pitot Tube Cover
    Specifically designed for the YMF-5 WACO Classic. This cover slips over the pitot tube to help prevent contamination. The vinyl sleeve is on a fiberglass rod, so no need for a ladder to put it on or remove it. A handy...