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  • Rear View Mirror Kit
    $190.00 Rear View Mirror Kit
    Rear view mirror with bracket, painted to match your aircraft. Note:  Please indicate serial number of your aircraft, and the color you wish to have painted.   Unpainted also available, please contact the...
  • $795.00 Trim Cable, Endless
    Ednless cable, Trim System. SN:1 to 119, 121
  • $36.48 Fuel Cap, Unpainted
    Fuel Cap, Unpainted, with Chain & Gasket
  • Dual Pulley Guard
    $0.00 Dual Pulley Guard
    As required by Service Bulletin SB10-01 (located at http://wacoclassic.com/pdf/SB10-01.pdf)
  • Rear Trim Drive Pulley
    $337.97 Rear Trim Drive Pulley
  • Front Trim Drive Pulley
    $182.72 Front Trim Drive Pulley
  • Cowl Pad
    $18.45 Cowl Pad
    Felt cowl pad.
  • Cowl Rod
    $138.57 Cowl Rod
    Cowl Rod, painted black. Note: 4 required per ship, sold each. Please indicate serial number of aircraft, as older models require a slightly different length.
  • Cowl Bracket
    $32.66 Cowl Bracket
    Cowl Bracket, painted.
  • Fuel Valve Assembly
    $410.06 Fuel Valve Assembly
    Parker fuel valve assembly, stainless steel...
  • Pilot Seat Bungee
    $134.64 Pilot Seat Bungee
    Pilot Seat Bungee, all aircraft prior to SN: 122
  • MT Propeller Package
    $8,500.00 MT Propeller Package
    Waco Classic announces the availability of a new MT Propeller for all 275 & 300 HP Waco YMF5 Aircraft New Elliptical tipped, modern computer designed wood propeller, rated for up to 300 hp. Performance improvements in...
  • Front Cockpit Cover
    $685.00 Front Cockpit Cover
    Front Cockpit Vinyl snap-on cover, includes snaps for installation by qualified A&P.
  • Inner Cowl Vented Door
    Inner Cowl Vented Door
    We have a new modification to the inner cowl door that improves engine cooling by allowing more air to move through the Oil Cooler. An added benefit - it lowers temperatures in the forward cockpit by helping to evacuate...